Bobbie Burgers: Storms and Calm Waters

October 7 - 31, 2021

Nicholas Metivier Gallery is pleased to announce Storms and Calm Waters, an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Bobbie Burgers. The exhibition will open on October 7th and run until October 31st. This is Burgers’ second solo exhibition at the gallery.


Raised and currently residing in British Columbia, Bobbie Burgers has always embraced the outdoors, both the lush gardens the climate affords as well as its proximity to open water for swimming and sailing. While flowers have played a fundamental role in the foundation of her practice, this exhibition represents a pivotal moment in her career as they are no longer the focus. The increasing abstraction and experimentation have made room for additional influences, some derived from weather and water. In all the natural cycles Burgers references, she is acutely aware of their inherent contradictions.


Burgers has also started to paint directly on raw canvas. She likens the experience to working on paper, relying on elements of chance and accepting the loss of control as there is no way to return to a pristine surface. Her use of paper has always been fundamental to her paintings, not to create studies but rather as a place of ignition, perpetually informing and evolving her motifs and use of different mediums. The Hard Work of Spring, a concurrent exhibition at the West Vancouver Art Museum, will open on October 13th. The exhibition is focused on Burgers’ works on paper and is accompanied by a new catalogue.


"Recently, I've been thinking about the influence of water and wind on my work. I find that there's always an energy present, whether it's a really calm day, or there is the momentum and intensity of a storm building. For me, it's the same as with painting. It's got the same kind of highs and lows that the ocean presents us with."

– Bobbie Burgers


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