Bobbie Burgers is a Vancouver-based painter whose sweeping gestural strokes have come to define her work. In recent years, Burgers has moved away from realistic depictions of florals, pushing her paintings and works on paper towards complete abstraction.


Burgers experiments with different mediums, applying what she discovers to the different facets of her practice. After working with collage, Burgers began applying thicker layers of paint onto her canvas works -  building them up in places to create three-dimensional textural difference. As she says “the continuous circle has led me to find connections in mediums that trick the viewer and throw even myself, as the artist, off balance.”  She moves between oil sticks, spray paint, acrylic paint, and pastels, playing with their viscosities by watering them down or leaving them thick.


Burgers has exhibited her work internationally including in the US, Sweden, and China. In 2021, The Hard Work of Spring, a solo exhibition of works on paper by Burgers, was held at the West Vancouver Art Museum.