Matthew Schofield: A Sum of Its Parts

March 4 - 27, 2021

Nicholas Metivier Gallery is pleased to announce A Sum of Its Parts, an exhibition of paintings by Matthew Schofield. The exhibition will open on March 4th and run until March 27th. This is Schofield’s  third solo exhibition at the gallery. 


Matthew Schofield’s paintings are based on found photographs, with particular interest and attention given to the idiosyncrasies of the photographer and their chosen subjects. Typically rendered in a 1:1 scale, his work meticulously reproduces every aspect of the photographs with careful observation. Schofield’s process pays homage and gives permanence to these personal documents that witness a specific moment in time eschewing sentimentality with his systematic approach.


For A Sum of Its Parts, Matthew Schofield curated small groups of his own photographs, taken with various cameras over many years. While the groupings of five or six images are not based on commonalities – in some cases they are chosen for their disparate geographic locations - together they imply an intriguing narrative that is left to the viewer to unravel. In addition to the multi-panel works are individual paintings, also selected from Schofield's personal archive of photographs. Their slightly enlarged scale highlights the nuances and subtlety in colour in his painted surfaces.


"A sunlit office, late in the day; a town in Tuscany, overcast but backlit; a deer in a diorama behind glass; a taxidermied monkey, given a permanent expression; a suburban scene of a man in a backyard, looking off frame. These five images are juxtaposed to create an implied narrative. The uniqueness of each moment allows them to relate as elements to create invented outcomes. I choose the imagery in a desire to express them in paint; I group the images to explore the impermanence of intention."

- Matthew Schofield


To view the virtual exhibition walkthrough, click here.