Steven Brunelle

Steven Brunelle was born in Toronto in 1964 and currently lives in Lafontaine, Ontario. He is a descendant of  the Drummond Island Metis on his father’s side, while his mother is from the Kitigan Zibi First Nation. Throughout his childhood, his mother dedicated herself to learning the traditional crafts of quill work, moose hair tufting, and beading design. These practices influence Brunelle’s paintings, which demonstrate a fascinating balance between narrative and visual intensity. In his practice, Brunelle interprets the figures of Indigenous oral tradition and recasts them in vivid colour, bringing their stories and lessons into the present day.

In 2022, Brunelle’s work was exhibited at the Gallery of Indigenous Art at the Midland Cultural Centre in a show curated by John Hartman. In 2023, Brunelle had his first solo exhibition, Sun Dance, at Nicholas Metivier Gallery.