Juliette Agnel

French photographer Juliette Agnel has travelled around the world documenting remote landscapes. Her interest in anthropology and archeology eventually led Agnel to pursue ambitious site-specific projects abroad, most recently in Greenland, Morocco, Sudan and the Alps.


In 2017, Agnel began developing her ongoing series Les Nocturnes, which depicts dreamlike landscapes surrounded by expansive starry skies. By combining photographs taken at different times of day, Agnel is able to capture every detail of the terrestrial and cosmic elements in her subjects. Agnel’s latest body of work, Taharqa et la nuit, captures the mysterious beauty of the ruins of Meroe in Sudan, home of the ancient kingdom of Kush and the Pharaoh Taharqa. Agnel’s approach to photographing her nocturnal landscapes lends a surreal quality to the work and transports us to another time. 


Juliette Agnel was born in 1973 and is based in Paris, France. She studied Visual Arts at the Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and the Beaux-Arts de Paris. A meeting with French documentary filmmaker and anthropologist Jean Rouch brought her to Africa for the next decade. In 2017, her series Les Nocturnes was exhibited at the Rencontres d‘Arles, where Agnel was nominated for the photography festival’s prestigious New Discovery Award. Agnel’s work has been exhibited in France, Norway, Belgium, Brazil and South Korea.