Stephen Appleby-Barr | The Pale Path

Stephen Appleby-Barr | The Pale Path
CAN$ 30.00

The Pale Path explores Appleby-Barr’s artistic practice, creating oil paintings and etchings that call to mind Renaissance art with a postmodern twist. Inspired by the dramatic work of Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Goya and Velázquez, Appleby-Barr infuses these elements with arcane references, sci-fi allusions and comic touches. An accompanying essay by writer and philosopher Mark Kingwell will wind mesmerisingly throughout the book, surrounded by Appleby-Barr’s figurative painting, surreal pastiche and anthropomorphic figures.

“It’s as though Rembrandt or Vermeer had played Dungeons & Dragons, or been obsessed by The Hobbit.” —Murray Whyte, The Toronto Star


Published in 2017