Ned Pratt | One Wave

Ned Pratt | One Wave
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"It is the landscape that endures, it is the landscape that remains in control." — Ned Pratt

Net Pratt: One Wave charts a decade of Pratt's breathtaking photography. Echoing Pratt's aesthetic, this beautifully designed book presents Pratt's works in formal conversation with each other. Stark imagery of buildings is juxtaposed with forays into abstraction and celebrations of the inherent geometry of natural forms — whether a single wave crashing over a wall or stones cracked by freezing and thawing.

One Wave was published on the occasion of Pratt's first traveling survey exhibition at the Rooms. Featuring more than 30 large-scale reproductions of Pratt's photographs, this book will also include essays by the artist, Mireille Eagan, Curator of Contemporary Art at The Rooms; Sarah Fillmore, Chief Curator, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; Ray Cronin, independent curator; and Jonathan Shaughnessy, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Canada.

Published in 2018


ISBN-10: 1773100866

ISBN-13: 978-1773100869