Erik Madigan Heck | The Garden

Erik Madigan Heck | The Garden
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Erik Madigan Heck's latest monograph focuses on his ongoing project, The Garden, his most personal and fantastical body of work to date. Set in the surroundings of his home in Roxbury, Connecticut, Heck enlisted his wife and two young sons as the models and actors for this series. The images are dreamlike, illustrating an alternate and more visually stunning reality.  The book intimately explores the birth of the photographer’s two sons and the passing of his beloved mother, juxtaposing these hyper-personal works with reimaginings of classical landscapes. 
"Over the past five years this book has composed itself, through hundreds of images of our family and studies of the landscape that surrounds us. But I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a book concerning home or family, so much as it is a fairytale..." 


Published in 2020 by Damiani


ISBN 9788862087254