Edward Burtynsky | Quarries

Published by Steidl in 2007, Quarries brings together all of Edward Burtysnky’s series on the subject from Vermont in 1991 to Iberia in 2006. The 168 colour reproductions include some of Burtynsky’s most recognized and iconic imagery. The catalogue essays are by Michael Mitchell, a Toronto-based writer, photographer and filmmaker.


“The concept of the landscape as architecture has become for me, an act of imagination. I remember looking at buildings made of stone, and thinking, there has to be an interesting landscape somewhere out there because these stones had to have been taken out of the quarry a block at a time. I had never seen a dimensional quarry, but I envisioned an inverted cubed architecture on the side of a hill. I went in search of it, and when I had it on my ground glass, I knew that I had arrived.”
— Edward Burtynsky


Published in 2007


ISBN-10: 3865214568

ISBN-13: 978-3865214560