Nicholas Metivier Gallery

In the Galleries: Stanzie Tooth, Shelley Adler and Geoffrey James

by Murray Whyte
The Toronto Star
March 9, 2017


Putting a good face on it

Interview by Leah Sandals
National Post, February 16, 2012

Galleries: Shelly Adler

by David Balzer (review)
Eye Weekly, March 18, 2009

Curatorial celebrations? Try inventory stockpiles

Shelley Adler’s larger-than-life-size profile portrait seems to stand above the fray…
by Sarah Milroy (article)
The Globe and Mail, November 22, 2008

Character Study: Shelley Adler’s empathetic portraits in paint

by Gillian MacKay (article)
Canadian Art, Fall 2007

Exhibit A: Full Frontal

Shelley Adler at Nicholas Metivier Gallery
by Gary Michael Dault (review)
The Globe and Mail, September 22, 2006