Erik Madigan Heck: The Garden

October 1 - 24, 2020

Nicholas Metivier Gallery is pleased to announce The Garden, a new series of photographs by Erik Madigan Heck. The exhibition will open in the west gallery as well as in our online viewing room on October 1st  and run until October 24th. This is Heck’s second solo exhibition at the gallery.


Erik Madigan Heck is one of the most acclaimed and prolific fashion photographers and artists working today. Inspired by historical painting, specifically in his approach to colour, Heck has developed a unique approach to image-making that is both contemporary and unapologetically beautiful. Heck begins his process with what is in front of him and then elaborates using colour to push the images in a certain direction. His photographs cross boundaries between painting, photography and portraiture while also seeming to intersect time.


Over the last five years, Heck has developed his most personal and fantastical body of work to date. Set in the surroundings of his home in Roxbury, Connecticut, Heck enlisted his wife and two young sons as the models and actors. The images are dreamlike, illustrating an alternate and more visually stunning reality. While the family portraits are classical in composition, the landscapes are highly abstract. Bridging different mediums, styles and artistic periods is one of Heck’s greatest strengths as an artist. An accompanying publication, The Garden, will be released this Fall by Damiani.


"'The Garden' is really a fairytale about a more hopeful place. It’s the world I always saw when I looked at paintings with my mom at the museum. It’s a world created around beauty. In a sense, it’s a series that builds upon the tradition of classical landscape painting and figurative painting and even early photography. I actually see this series as a collection of self-portraits that I’ve brought to life with my own family.

'The Garden' is neither real nor imagined, it’s kind of both. It is the place that I live, and that is my family, those are my kids. Every gesture in the pictures are real, but at the same time I never say this is a series about family, it’s about beauty as an ideal and using colour as a vessel to achieve that. It’s the colour that crosses the threshold and brings us into that imagined world. Colour changes everything."



To access the viewing room, click here.