The Artist's Voice | Medrie MacPhee

May 7, 2020
Medrie MacPhee, Dark Matter, 2020 (click into the page to access the video)
Medrie MacPhee, Dark Matter, 2020 (click into the page to access the video)

Medrie MacPhee reflects on the current situation while working on a new painting, Dark Matter, in her New York studio.

I have been in New York during the bankruptcy of the 70's, the AIDS crisis of the 80's, 9/11 and now Covid. What this pandemic has done to New York is profoundly different.

During this trying time I take some comfort in thinking about the artists who also lived through plagues/wars/inquisitions. Lived through them and continued to work - sometimes creating art about those subjects and some who envisioned better days. I do my best to be in the moment and let that inexplicable relationship between artist and "subject" take shape and place in my studio.

I am currently working on amongst other things this 8' X 10' painting titled "Dark Matter".

Dark matter is the invisible substance that cosmologists believe is holding the universe together. In fact, dark matter accounts for 85% of the universe - and it is believed to be the gravity force that holds the visible 15% in place (the entire solar system). This property is only a theory to explain how the ever-expanding universe can proceed without flying apart. It emits no light/reflection or shadow and there is no real understanding of its properties.

That mysterious force strikes me as being at the heart of where I and many other artists live - trying to hold our worlds together with whatever media is at hand.


Medrie MacPhee

The Artist's Voice | Medrie MacPhee from Nicholas Metivier Gallery on Vimeo.



Attraction, 2018, oil and mixed media on canvas, 64 x 84 in.


Medrie MacPhee in a studio provided by the Bogliasco Foundation residency with her works on paper


Work on paper by Medrie MacPhee are featured in our current online exhibition, On Paper | Part I.