JEFFREY BLONDES | Loire River, Chouzy East - 12 Minute Film

Available now for at-home viewing
April 30, 2020
JEFFREY BLONDES | Loire River, Chouzy East - 12 Minute Film

For these unprecedented times, Jeffrey Blondes has also released a condensed 12-minute version of his recent year-long, 24 hour film Loire River, Chouzy East. This is available for everyone to watch in their home on a computer or television. While Blondes' long-format, editioned films are intended to be viewed like paintings on a wall with the screen and computer carefully concealed, his hope is that sharing this imagery will bring some calm and meditation into the lives of those confined to more urban settings. 


In 2018, Blondes embarked on a project to film the Loire River over a year, using a vantage point that allowed for two distinctly different views. Once each month he installed two cameras and filmed with each for two hours. Over the first six months, he captured sunrise and the following six months the sunset.



Loire River, Chouzy East2020
4K Video, Landscape orientation, 12:00 Loop
To loop the video on YouTube, right click (or ctrl click) on the film and an options window pops up, the first entry is 'loop'. Select this option.
To download the video from Vimeo, click here.