The Artist's Voice | Jeffrey Blondes

April 30, 2020
The Artist's Voice | Jeffrey Blondes

Jeffrey Blondes lives and works in rural France. Many of his real-time, high-definition films are made on his property or in the surrounding area. Blondes and his daughter, Sarah, have made a short documentary about the film he is currently working on from the vantage point of his bedroom window as well as a new series of charcoal drawings. 

Almost 30 years ago, my wife and I opted to move to a rural location in France where our perception of time became increasingly tied to natural cycles. I was painting the landscape then. In 2005 I realised I could share this rhythm with others and made my first 52 hour long piece, filmed over the course of a year. 15 years later, still pursuing this work, I never tire of the myriad subtleties that can be observed as we watch the minutest details evolve. The effect is the opposite of ’time-lapse’… rather than having a year ’sped-up’ to be quickly consumed, the impression is more that you, the observer, slow down and begin to pay attention.


-Jeffrey Blondes


The Artist's Voice | Jeffrey Blondes from Nicholas Metivier Gallery on Vimeo. 


Jeffrey Blondes' set up for Camera View North PteC 1


Jeffrey Blondes' Atelier, © Arnaud Bochet 2020


Blondes working on a charcoal drawing from a film still in studio